Abstract Submission


Information for abstract submission:

Abstract submission is only possible after receiving the Registration ID.
Two abstracts per person are allowed (one oral and one poster presentation, or two poster presentations)
Download the Template (Microsoft Word format, .doc file). One page (A4), including text, figures and references list)
Save abstract under a file name easily identified e.g., “Jane_Doe.docx” (Microsoft Word format, .docx file)
Abstract submission is permitted only electronically
Contributions will be included into the book of abstracts only after having received full payment of the registration fee.
If the number of contributions submitted for oral presentation exceeds the program schedule, some of them will be considered for poster presentation, and the participant will be informed in time.
Oral presentation will last 15 minutes with questions.
All poster presentation will take place electronically, as so called iposters – there is no need for printing your poster, just bring it on a flash drive with you!
Participants will be notified via email about the acceptance and form of their contribution by July 31, 2022, at the latest.
"Online participation" is only for posters, all oral presentations will take place on site. Please take that into account.

Please download template: 3rdAGChem2022

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